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By doing so, a partner can bind all partners in an unfavorable contract, since all partners are jointly and severally liable for the obligations of the partnership. Based on the decisions you made in Step One, you should select a partnership type. Software is more affordable and helps you streamline accounting processes so you can get back to your business. You can also use software in conjunction with using a professional.


Domestic LLCs may be managed by one or more managers or one or more members. In addition to filing the applicable documents with the Secretary of State, an operating agreement among the members as to the affairs of the LLC and the conduct of its business is required. The LLC does not file the operating agreement with the Secretary of State but maintains it at the office where the LLC’s records are kept. A California corporation generally is a legal entity which exists separately from its owners. While normally limiting the owners from personal liability, taxes are levied on the corporation as well as on the shareholders. The sale of stocks or bonds can generate additional capital and the longevity of the corporation can continue past the death of the owners.

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Your business name will go on tax paperwork, business accounts, and advertising. Many general partnerships are unregistered, and unregistered general partnerships often use the last names of all their general partners as their business name. For help in all other aspects of forming your partnership, from business licenses to filing for a DBA, CorpNet is here to help get your business up and running.

Those partners share the ownership and profits, but they also share the work, responsibility, and potential losses. A successful partnership can give a new business more opportunities to succeed, but a poorly-thought out one can cause mismanagement and disagreements. In particular, in a partnership business, all partners share liabilities and profits equally, while in others, partners may have limited liability.

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A General partnership has one type of partner, and all participate in the day-to-day decisions and the way their partnership share works are the same. Profits of the partnership are divided between partners according to their contributions, seniority, type, or a combination of the above. Usually, when a partnership is formed or a new partner joins, that person contributes a specific amount of money toward the partnership. You will need to decide how much each initial partner must contribute, and how much new partners in the future will contribute.

This “pass-through” obligation is the same tax structure for sole proprietorships and avoids corporations’ double taxation. Partners are not employees and therefore should not be issued a W-2. The partnership furnishes copies of Schedule K-1 to the partner. The formation rules of a limited partnership, a limited liability partnership, or a limited liability limited partnership depend on your business’s location.

Set clear expectations from the start

Entrepreneurs who plan to go into business with one or more other individuals may not realize there are several variations of partnerships to consider. In this article, I’ll describe the different types of partnerships and what needs to be done to start and maintain them. Creating a partnership agreement should be a top priority when launching a business with another person. A partnership agreement is a contract between partners that explains each partner’s rights and duties, how the partners will run the business, and how to end the partnership if necessary.

  • You may want to operate under a different business name for better branding, recognizability, and privacy.
  • However, they need to file a Partnership Return with the IRS each year.
  • Not all states allow the formation of limited liability partnerships, and some states limit the structure to specific industries.
  • To be certain you’re in full compliance with your state law—and also covering all the bases with your partnership agreement—you might consider seeking professional legal advice.
  • Profits of the partnership are divided between partners according to their contributions, seniority, type, or a combination of the above.

Limited partnerships are business entities formally registered with the state. A partnership agreement is used to describe partners’ responsibilities and document each partner’s percentage of profits. An arrangement between a general partner with unlimited liability and a limited partner who maintains basic limited liability protections. That limited partner’s total profit shares typically depend on the amount of capital they invest into the company and may be less or more than general partners. Each member typically shares equal operational and legal liability, including day-to-day responsibilities as well as income and losses.

What Is the Difference Between an LLC & an LLP?

How To Start A Partnerships must also pay an LLC annual fee and appoint a Registered Agent. Once you have established your General Partnership, there are a few things to do in order to keep your partnership in good order. Your customers and vendors will also have an easier time doing business with you using your DBA instead of your General Partnership’s full and legal name. Both the contributions and distributions are proportionate to ownership percentage. General Partnerships are easy to create with little or no paperwork to file.

  • A limited liability partnership, or LLP, protects partners’ personal assets and limits individual responsibility for the business’s debts or other partners’ actions.
  • Avoid jumping into a partnership when you’re clueless about expectations.
  • You can also use software in conjunction with using a professional.
  • A limited liability partnership operates like a general partnership, with all partners actively managing the business, but it limits their liability for one another’s actions.

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